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Dr. Lawrence M. Hopp, M.D., M.S. is a cornea specialist fellowship trained in refractive surgery. He has completed two full one-year fellowships and graduate school studies leading to a Master of Science degree. He is also a founding member of Cedars-Sinai Laser Vision Associates.

Dr. Hopp has performed hundreds of refractive procedures including PRK & LASIK since 1992. Along with laser vision correction, Dr. Hopp is a cornea transplant specialist. Dr. Hopp is in private practice in Beverly Hills.

Dr. Hopp is now offering  corneal collagen cross-linking to treat karatoconus.  Call our office to schedule a office consultation.

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Cornea & External Disease

Beverly Hills Center For Vision Correction provides advanced medical and surgical management of all conditions and disorders of the cornea.

Refractive Surgery

Successful refractive eye surgery can reduce or cure common vision disorders.

Cataract Surgery

With cataract surgery, your eye's cloudy natural lens is removed and replaced with a clear artificial lens implant.

Confocal Microscopy

Confocal microscopy allows Dr. Hopp actually look inside the living cornea and diagnose a variety of diseases.

Common Questions About Vision Correction

What is laser vision correction? How can it improve my vision?
Laser vision correction involves the use of an excimer laser. The excimer laser uses pulses of cool ultraviolet light to gently and precisely reshape the cornea. After the treatment, light will focus properly on the retina. The result is clearer vision.
What is LASIK?
LASIK is a modification of laser vision correction. In LASIK, a thin flap is created which is then moved back so that a precision instrument, called the Excimer Laser, can quickly reshape the cornea. The flap is then repositioned into its natural shape. The cornea has extraordinary healing qualities, and a natural bonding takes place, alleviating the need for stitches. The entire procedure takes less than 15 minutes. Actual laser time being less than 60 seconds in most cases. Many patients report immediate visual improvement with minimal recovery time. For more information on LASIK, see the PROCEDURES page.
Will I be able to see right away?
You will have improved vision immediately following treatment. In fact, many patients return to work the next day. Your vision will continue to improve as your eye heals and adjust to its new shape.
Is this procedure permanent? How long will the results last?
Laser vision correction is designed to be a permanent procedure. Since 1987, physicians have been performing these procedures with amazing outcome. Studies to date show excellent visual stability with only a small percent of patients needing enhancement.
Are there any risks?
All medical procedures carry potential risks. Laser vision correction, along with other refractive surgeries, was designed be safe and highly effective. To date, no cases of blindness have occurred in more than one million procedures perform worldwide. After nearly a decade of research, including extensive scrutiny from public health agencies & medical professionals alike, complications seriously affecting vision are reported at a rate of much less than 1%. Please remember, as with all medical procedures, there are risks involved with laser vision correction. You will have the opportunity to discuss these risks and possible complications during your comprehensive eye examination and/or preoperative consultation.
Results...Can you guarantee 20/20 vision?
There are no guarantees in life! But keep in mind that since 1987, doctors have performed more than 1 million laser vision correction procedures. More than 80% of these patients have achieved 20/40 vision or better! That's good enough to obtain a driver's license without the need for corrective lenses.
Who can have laser vision correction?
Laser vision correction is currently available in the U.S. to treat people who are nearsighted and/or have astigmatism. Treatment of farsightedness is also available. However, according to current FDA guidelines, patients that are farsighted should have no more than 1 diopter of astigmatism' to be considered a candidate. To learn more about these guidelines, feel free to contact our office and schedule a complimentary consultation.
What is monovision?
Monovision is a procedure where one eye is corrected for distance and the other for near. The brain accommodates for this in most cases, however, prior testing is a good idea. The doctor can fit you with a soft contact lens so you can try the monovision effect for several days. If you find this comfortable, and have no problem with reading, you would most likely benefit from the monovision procedure.
How much does laser vision correction cost?
The cost of laser vision correction is quite reasonable when compared to the ongoing cost of glasses and contact lenses. The results are priceless! Please visit our payment options page for information and financing plans, or call our office toll free at 1-877-393-HOPP.
And finally...How can I find out if I'm a candidate for laser vision correction?
Please call our office at (310) 275-7848 or TOLL FREE at (877) 393-HOPP to schedule your complimentary consultation. Or contact us via the internet.

"I was a bit wary at first, I mean it is surgery and they are my eyes, but LASIK is the best thing I ever did. At work, when I'm training, or just out having fun-I can do everything without having to worry about my glasses or contact lenses. It's been amazing! Now when I compete, I'm totally focused on the race. Not on what may happen when I hit the water! I'm thrilled with my results, and would recommend it to anyone. Dr. Hopp and Brandice are extraordinary!"

-Jim, age 33

Words cannot begin to decribe the new found freedom I now have! I went from the days of constant eye-drops, blinking, squinting, and bottom line not being able to see, to clear vision and better eye-sight now than I experienced with either my glasses or contacts!

- Greg, age 36
Television Advertising Sales